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Clients & Work

we create interesting, engaging, inspired websites & branding

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Our clients and projects

Our Clients include individuals and companies serving in a variety of fields:

  • Medical devices & biomedical

  • Tech start-ups

  • Software companies

  • Restaurateurs

  • Professional coaches


  • Attorneys & law firms

  • Consultants

  • Healthcare & fitness professionals

  • Artists, musicians, & writers

  • Fashion designers

We work with your budget to make sure site management is easy, affordable, and accurate.

pixlrabbit web design atlanta aboutthyme design2.jpg
Pixlrabbit catering web design atlanta
Beautiful, responsive website designs.
Editor X Web Design Atlanta Simone Pixlrabbit
Effectively tell your company and brand story with stunning web design and smart development.
Recent feedback a Client received on her new site:

"This..........magic. Sooo well done!  This branding statement....My love for well-written words is second only to the imagery. The attention to both is very evident in your new site." 

App Tech company web design atlanta  Pixlrabbit
coaching website pixlrabbit, jackie neilson
  • eCommerce & Online Stores
  • Portfolios
  • Professional Business
  • Migrations & Redesigns
jeff garner fashion web design atlanta pixlrabbit
wix web design atlanta pixlrabbit, flooring company website
Clothing Stores
online store wix web design pixlrabbit
TC Home 040220_2.png
boutique clothing store web design, pixlrabbit

Looking for a specific design example or industry? Email us and we would be happy to provide specific web design examples.

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