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About Pixlrabbit

Pixlrabbit is an award winning web design and marketing agency that delivers top-agency quality products and services with partner-level communication.
We hopped on the scene in 2015 to fill a need in the market for businesses that need effective branding and a cohesive online presence. Based in Atlanta, we serve the metro Atlanta area as well as clients from Australia to Paris and Latvia to South Africa!

Newstar businesses have used Pixlrabbit for 3 of our sites and they have been phenomenal. We recommend them for any web design, marketing, or consulting services. They have truly helped us in so many ways.

- Newstar Medical

Google Review August 2021

The Pixlrabbit team has gone above and beyond with their advice and expertise. I look forward to continue working with them!!

- Throwing Stars Jewelry

Google Review August 2021

The Original Rabbit.

Simone Godwin started Pixlrabbit in 2015. She has a degree in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology, an MBA, and a JM with a concentration in Intellectual Property. She figured that combining science, business, and law would make for a powerful combination to help people and businesses succeed.

Simone Godwin

Head of Making Stuff Pretty

Founder & Creative Strategist, Editor X Expert

Our Strategic


We are super talented, but we don't know everything. Here are some trusted partners to help fill in any gaps or help out on special projects.

Content Marketing Agency

PubPow is a content marketing agency that specializes in helping tech companies translate what they do into language we can all understand.

App Company

Tapps makes progressive web apps. We use them to boost sales and to double as a digital business card.


Wix provides cloud-based web development services. It allows us to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites.

How did you get the name Pixlrabbit?

A pixl is a minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed and rabbits have a reputation for multiplying.


How many times have you heard someone say, "I have a great idea for a business!" or "Someone should start a business doing...." Well, Pixlrabbit was originally founded to help those people. We take a pixl of an idea and help it multiply!

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