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pixlrabbit is passionate about bringing our clients' ideas to life!

web design

We design unique, responsive, secure, mobile-friendly websites, including custom colors, fonts, and layouts that meet all of your criteria. We also edit and maintain your online presence for optimal SEO results. Clients come to us with complete websites that they wish to rebrand or update. We also have clients that have no content. We specialize in getting them from 0 to 60 in record time. (Certified Wix Webmasters too!)

branding & logo design

We are passionate about branding. All of our clients have a unique website with a their own look and feel because all of our clients are unique! Our focus is on UNDERSTANDING who you are and what you do, then effectively expressing that through words, visuals, and design. We can write none, some, or all of your content.

We integrate Strategy and Design to create a total business solution.

We create a look and feel that effectively communicates the essence of your business.

social media

Increase your presence online and expand your reach. Get answers to questions about why social media is important for your business and how it can affect your growth. Learn how to develop and implement a social media strategy that works for you.

business strategy & marketing

We provide actionable steps to create real growth. Pixlrabbit can help answer questions that might arise around intellectual property, business processes, marketing and social media approaches, how to get started with a business, and how to drive growth. We work together to create your online presence and foster innovation. We keep legal matters top-of-mind to make sure that your assets are protected. ​Our marketing services will help you identify and reach your target market to drive growth.​

  • Conceptualization

  • Identify business objectives and goals

  • Define a business plan

  • Business Development

  • Email Marketing

  • Conduct an asset audit

  • Identify potential legal weaknesses

  • Develop a financial plan

  • Create a marketing & social media strategy

  • Define milestones and timelines


Whether starting from scratch or just looking to give your brand a fresh look, we can help you.


Let us coordinate and produce a professional photo shoot for your eCommerce site.

business cards

We design high-quality, custom business cards that help you make a statement.

print graphics



Marketing Collateral

Promotional Material

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